For Clinicians

Hayley Miller, LPCC, LPC, RD, CDN provides clinical supervision to dietitians and therapists.  She is a licensed therapist in the states of CT and CA and a Registered Dietitian and can provide supervision to help you with client cases and business coaching for developing your practice. She has almost completed her application for CEDRD-S with iaedp and will update here once she has received that credential to provide supervision towards achieving a CEDRD.

What's Hayley's approach to supervision?

Regardless of if you are seeking nutrition or psychotherapy supervision, Hayley practices a person-centered approach.  This means she gets to know your style of providing counseling to your clients and provides you with suggestions that you could actually use with clients in session.

Why work with Hayley for supervision?

Hayley has been working with people with eating disorders since 2012 and practices a Health At Every Size (HAES) approach.  She can teach this approach to you to use when counseling your clients if you work with clients with eating disorders or not.  The HAES approach can help clients build on their own strengths to reach their nutrition goals without feeling shame regarding their food relationship.

Hayley also is dually licensed so this means she can lend ideas to you to understand the physical and psychological aspects of your client's eating disorder.  We all have our blind spots so supervision can bring them out and help you attack the case from multiple sides.

Hayley can also help you learn how to work with insurance companies and explain how to scale a practice while taking insurance.

How long are the sessions and how often should we meet?

I schedule the sessions for 50 minutes and we meet as often as you would like!