Why see a Registered Dietitian?

Registered Dietitians (RD) have not only a background in science such as biology, chemistry, biochemistry, anatomy and physiology but we also have education on how the body processes nutrients of all types.  We are uniquely educated to create meal plans, nutrition requirements, and have the knowledge to help people achieve lasting changes regarding physical health and repairing an individual's relationship with food.

Why is a dietitian part of a team of providers treating eating disorders?

This is where Hayley's license as a psychotherapist is helpful.  She truly understands both the psychological and nutritional issues faced by a person struggling with an eating disorder.  Dietitians are also helpful to provide clients with accurate meal plans to heal their bodies from the toll an eating disorder takes on the body.  Dietitians like myself will also assist clients in achieving a more positive relationship with food.

What about insurance coverage?

Hayley Miller and Michelle Pillepich are in network with Cigna commercial plans (PPO, HMO, and OAP) and Aetna EPO, PPO, Medicare Advantage, HMO plans.  If you have Cigna or Aetna, please call them and ask if they cover dietitian sessions for the condition you would like covered.  Some insurance plans cover nutritional counseling across the board and some are diagnosis specific.  If they ask you for the codes you need covered please let them know the following codes I will bill: 97802, 97803, 97804, G0270, 90837, 90785.

If you have another insurance plan, a superbill to submit to your insurance for out of network coverage can be provided.  Please call your insurance to see if you have coverage for out of network nutrition sessions.